asset summary

asset code TG-HK-PD-ZING-2018-001
asset description Investment portfolio with purchase of Zing Tokens for total of 4,500 ETH
category Cryptocurrency Investment
type Financial Product
Amount 4,500 ETH
No. of Tokens 35,000,000 Zing Tokens
validity Ongoing without Expiry / Maturity

Asset Code Format:

  • Category Code: EN for energy, IN for infrastructure, UT for utilities and amenities, IT for internet related, TG for new technologies and technological applications, ED for education and CL for cultural.
  • Country Code: 2 letters, the internationally recognized country code.
  • Asset Type: SH for shareholdings, DO for direct ownership, PS for profit sharing agreement, LN for loans and debt, PD for financial product.
  • Asset Name: 4 letters assigned to asset, which is unique to this code only.


Background And Market

The Zing Music App project was created by Hong Kong Zing Music Technologies Ltd. Through integrating the killer function of music creation, the collaborative nature of the Internet community, and the indisputability of the copyright protection technology, the project aims to build an ecosystem comprising of collaborative music creators, clear intellectual property rights, and distinct interest systems.

The killer function of this project is the "composition function" in the Zing Music App, which recognizes the pitch and rhythm of the individual humming in front of the mobile phone through a precise algorithm to generate the main melody in the form of a stave. After the creation, the author can adjust the pitch and rhythm, and add sound layers such as harmony and rhythm of different vocals through intelligent matching principles. After composing the song, the position of the lyrics can be marked and any user in the platform can proceed to fill in the lyrics. After the lyrics are completed, they can be sang by the groups in the platform hence seamlessly linking all aspects of music production.

In addition, there is a database that records the melody, lyrics, and singing portion, forming the intellectual property of each song. Through decentralized and irrevocable Internet technology, creators can record the unique music fingerprints of their works on their own database. As long as the fingerprint is successfully recorded, any similar fingerprints can no longer be submitted to the database, thus protecting the uniqueness of the creator's property rights.

Zing Tokens are distributed and utilised in the Zing Music App with all transactions recorded on the blockchain. In view of the global outreach achieved by Ethereum today, Zing Tokens may also become an irreproachable value representation, thereby fully protecting the financial interests of the intellectual property owners (creators on the platform).

The Zing Music App is set to release in Q3 2018 with top 5 targeted regions: China, Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan and Hong Kong.