Matthias Loo


Matthias Loo is a Malaysian Chinese born in Perak of the Malaysian Peninsula. Matthias’s grandparents migrated to Malaysia during the mid-1900s and worked in the then rubber plantations. Through the years of hard work, they managed to purchase their own plantation which thereafter became the foundation of their family business.

In 2011, Matthias, as the eldest son of the family and having been in the business with his father for more than 5 years, took over the reins of the company. Utilizing his business network in the APAC region and keen business acumen, he diversified into investments in various areas such as property, financial tools, and in the recent years, cryptocurrency.

In early 2017, Matthias met Nicholas Chesson, who introduced him to the concept of wealth management with cryptocurrency as a medium. This fresh concept sparked Matthias’s interest, and with considerable experience in the field, Matthias decided to create an engine that would help owners of cryptocurrencies manage this portion of their wealth.

In August 2017, Matthias founded Cirro Capital Limited, and put together a team of professionals to launch Cirro’s flagship project – Palm Oil. With Nicholas spearheading the investment and asset management efforts, Matthias continues to chair the board and offers his expertise and business network in the region to aid in the expansion of the company.