Cirro Capital Limited was incorporated in the British Virgin Islands in August 2017, with its operational headquarters based out of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Mr Matthias Loo founded Cirro Capital Limited and put together a team of professionals to launch Cirro’s flagship project.

After the collapse of the global financial system and the series of government bailouts following the sub-prime crisis in 2008, a public cry for innovation in the financial sector led to the birth of the world’s first cryptocurrency and the blockchain technology that it is built upon – Bitcoin. At the heart of this revolution is a concept called “Fintech” – The application of Technology to the Financial Sector, an industry that has grown too big and too outdated.

Although the Fintech wave has only just begun to gain momentum, we already see till date the release of hundreds of cryptocurrencies, each with its own unique concept of value storage and transfer. Forerunners of the industry rush to take their seats and place investments and stakes into various cryptocurrencies, hoping they would one day rise to see the light of day.

Cirro Capital does not seek to join the frenzy of cryptocurrency creation. We instead see an opportunity in the wealth management aspect of such digital tokens.

As such, Cirro Capital positions itself as the first wealth management platform from cryptocurrencies in the world, and harnesses the international mobility of cryptocurrencies to engage in cross border investments. By doing so, we allow owners of cryptocurrencies an added perk in holding such instruments, and turn these instruments into an alternative capital market where projects that cover more than one area of financial jurisdiction can turn to for funding and cash flow support.